Mycom OSI makes telco cloud move with Red Hat collaboration

Network assurance vendor Mycom OSI has moved to improve its cloud credentials through a partnership with Red Hat.

The specific point of the partnership is to offer automated assurance across hybrid NFV networks. In the virtualized telco utopia most of the functions will exist in a massive, fluid cloud but, as we are continually reminded, the road to the promised land is a convoluted one. One of the many complexities to be contended with is how you monitor, maintain and optimize all this.

Red Hat has been heavily invested in the telco cloud from an open source perspective for some time, so it makes sense for Mycom to collaborate with it in order to stay relevant in the cloud era. Mycom’s Experience Assurance and Analytics solution will be deployed on the Red Hat OpenStack Platform and the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to make the telco cloud magic happen.

“Telco clouds are a key enabler to unlocking on-demand, real time consumer and enterprise digital services such as SD-WAN and IoT opportunities for CSPs, and our recent innovations in telco cloud assurance have resulted in rapid growth in customer projects,” said Mounir Ladki, President and CTO at Mycom. “Red Hat not only helps us to deliver agility, speed and cost benefits to our customers, but also a rich stream of essential telco cloud data that feeds our analytics engine. We are delighted to have such a strong collaboration with Red Hat.”

“As the telco industry moves towards cloudification of networks to increase innovation, agility and scalability, service quality and performance are top of mind for telco leaders,” said Darrell Jordan-Smith, VP of Global Telecommunications and ICT at Red Hat. “We are pleased to underpin MYCOM OSI’s assurance and analytics solution with Red Hat’s highly scalable hybrid cloud and container-based technologies. Together, we are setting out to help operators better understand and act on the performance of their networks as they deliver on their network virtualization strategies.”

Red Hat has made its name in the telco sphere by tailoring open source software to make it ‘telco grade’ i.e. commercially useful and robust. Network assurance is all about making sure the network is commercially useful and robust so this partnership seems to make sense. Furthermore it might set a precedent for further such collaborations as the telco cloud matures.

Three makes moves in the telco cloud space

Mycom OSI has announced it has been selected to assure Three UK’s next generation core network which deploys NFV and SDN, as part of what it claims is the world’s first Telco Cloud.

As demand for VoLTE, high definition video and other digital services continue to grow, Three will deploy a new cloud native core network, which it says will enable massive scalability, elasticity, and better reliability for customers. It’s another incremental step towards IoT and 5G, providing a mid-term solution to increase speed in response to customers’ dynamic service demands.

“We are excited and privileged to be selected by Three UK for the world’s foremost network virtualization project. While others are debating various approaches and standards, Three has designed a leading architecture, selected leading partners and is now leading its peer group in deploying Telco Cloud,” said Mycom OSI President, Mounir Ladki.

“Mycom OSI’s Assurance suite will enable Three to deliver market-leading customer experience, agility, scale and reliability whilst embracing exciting new opportunities with digital services, IoT and 5G.”

As part of the agreement, Mycom OSI’s Experience Assurance and Analytics suite will be deployed to monitor Three UK’s Telco Cloud. The suite will assure both new virtualized and existing physical networks, and provide closed-loop assurance-driven orchestration based on end-to-end network and service quality.

Elsewhere in Three’s telco cloud world, Astellia has been brought into the fold to help the team transform the network to a virtualized and software-based architecture. The work will focus on providing the visibility and the capability to improve network performance and customer experience.

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We were the first UK network to introduce all you can eat data and we let our customers roam abroad at no extra cost in 60 destinations,” said Adam O’Keeffe, Head of OSS Transformation at Three UK.

“Astellia’s technology will help build upon our already excellent customer experience by deploying the capability to monitor the performance of services and customer experience on our new virtualized technology.”

Using Astellia’s vProbes-based virtual monitoring solution, the team will monitor traffic within the virtual infrastructure of Three’s network, raise alarms for performance degradation and troubleshoot issues. Astellia will provide various network, subscriber and service analytics with the ambition of improving the customer’s quality of experience.