Home Network Security for Network Operators

The lack of security is a massive risk for home users, but it is also a tremendous opportunity for network operators. They are in a unique position: They already have the hardware (broadband routers) deployed across millions of homes and can provide the necessary security for home users. Network operators can deploy AI solutions to control home automation, collect valuable insights and implement new business models.

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Device Intelligence for Network Operators

Most network operators use basic identifying methods such as listing brand name or MAC address for devices. It allows them to provide generic device identification, in the best case scenario only recognizing personal computers and smartphones. In most cases, Internet of Things (IoT) devices are left unidentified and unprotected.

Using device intelligence, network operators can offer personalized WiFi experience for their customers. This, in turn, will improve customer retention and acquisition in different areas.

So how exactly can identified devices provide a personalized experience?

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